Prime Inventions mission statement

Our mission: Clean, quality water worldwide

How our business interacts with the surrounding environment:

1. Customers:

Customers are our most important partners as they make up the basis for Prime Inventions‘ existence. We value our personal customer relationships very highly. We include our customers in the further development of products as far as possible. All complaints and criticisms are checked and taken very seriously. Prime Inventions goes the extra mile for our customers in design and product support. We support new start-ups and smaller companies as far as possible. Honest communication is important to us and customers will be informed immediately about developments which are negative for them.
Generous compensation will be offered in the event of justified complaints ; feedback is seen as an opportunity for closer customer relations.

2. Employees

Employees are valued and promoted by the management. All employees value each other and help each other. The word „bullying“ is and remains a foreign word at Prime Inventions and will not be tolerated. Prime Inventions pays out bonuses to employees for special services and achievement of goals in order to allow them to participate in the company‘s success. Suggestions for improvement are welcome and rewarded. Great importance is attached to occupational safety. Every employee adheres to the established occupational protection regulations and immediately draws attention to risk areas as soon as they become apparent.

3. Products:

We only offer quality products, most of them „Made in Germany“. Quality is always given priority over the manufacturing and buying price. We try to make all Prime Inventions products with the lowest possible effect on the environment. This includes adhering to the latest standards.

4. Suppliers:

Prime Inventions handle their suppliers like customers and include them in product development to a large extent. In the negotiation of prices, we give quality, long term cooperation and the preservation of livelihoods priority.

5. Competitors:

Competitors are seen by Prime Inventions as potential customers and suppliers and we acknowledge their products. We work towards closer cooperation to increase the market for the products the sector produces.

6. Cultures and minorities:

We take cultural values in different countries and the rights of minorities into account in our advertising, business communications and the behaviour of our employees. All cultural groups are dealt with equally.