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Forget having to dismantle and screw on the filter housings when changing filters. With the AA Inline filter system you can change the filter cartridges in seconds. For this, simply remove the filter cartridge by turning anti-clockwise and insert a new filter cartridge vice versa. Finished. You do not need a housing key anymore. Because you do not come into contact with the inside of the filter cartridge, the exchange occurs very hygienically.

You can, e.g., install an expansion stage with sediment pre-filter in front of the main filter stage in order to extend the service life of the main filter cartridge. Other extension stages help, e.g. as lime-scale protection or in the de-mineralization of the water. Consult with your specialist supplier.

The accompanying faucet adapter has a 3/8“ standard thread and so fits to all faucets offered by Prime Inventions. An adaptation to other threads, e.g. to UNS 7/16-24, is optionally possible. For easy connection to the angle valve under the sink, a high-quality European terminal adapter ASV-7 JG is supplied with every main filter stage

Art. No. + Shortcode see table
Weight filter head with EM filter cartridge approx. 960 gr with SC-99 approx. 610 gr
Height approx. 320 mm
Width approx. 100 mm
Material Housing PP housing
Flow rate 2-8 l /min
Box PU 10 pieces
Pallet 20 boxes x 10 = 200 pieces
Manufactured for 9 3/4“ filter cartridges Inline
Main location Kitchen
Min. operating pressure approx. 1 bar, ideal 3-4 bar
Restrictions of use Use only cold water
Inline EM 5 Premium water filtering and enlivenment HF-1 / 88802668 EW-1 / 88802750 FP-1 / 88802200
Inline EM IFP Premium filtering and enlivenment by low water pressure HF-2 / 88802699 EW-2 / 88802774 FP-2 / 88802286
Inline SCI-99 antibacterial sediment filter EW-3 / 88802781 FP-3 / 88802217
Inline EM Calci Mineraliserung m. EM Pipes mineralisation e.g. after osmosis EW-4 / 88802798 FPI-4 / 88802163
Inline EK7 Entkalkung (Ionenaustauscher Carbonhärte) Anti lime scale (anion exchanger) EW-5 / 88802804 FP-5 / 88807984
Inline EW7 Prefilter stage for virus filtering EW-7 / 90000570 FP-7 / 90000569

Construktion of Inline Filter System

The basic system requires a MAIN FILTER STAGE.
This is expandable with one or more EXPANSION STAGES.

Die Hauptfilterstufe besteht immer aus einer Filterpatrone, dem Filterkopf, Anschlussadapter und 2 Schläuchen.
Das System kann so als Standalone-Filter oder mit einer oder mehreren Erweiterungsstufen genutzt werden.

The expansion stage also consists a filter cartridge and the filter head, but a shorter connection hose for connecting to the main filter stage.

Nach Ablauf der vorgeschriebenen Filternutzungsdauer müssen die Filterpatronen ausgetauscht werden.
Bitte bestellen Sie die Ersatzkartuschen einfach unter der unten angegebenen Artikelnummer.

Virus Filtering Novelty EW-7
As a supplement to our successful AA inline filter system, the EW-7 was developed. This additional stage filters viruses out of the drinking water and works with the patented Filter material Disruptor® from Ahlstrom. It is recommended to use the EW-7 after the pre-filtering and after the activated carbon block so that it can be used as long as possible. A solo use, or only with a pre-filter stage before it is also possible, but reduces the usage time and filter performance. By cleverly wrapping the filter material and the resulting large surface, a Water flow of approx. 4 liters / min. and a usage time of up to 5,000 liters can be achieved.

water filtration and water revitalization with connection kit for campers
HF-1W 62403000

Premium Filtering for line pressure, water filtration and Water revitalization with connection set for campers
HF-2W 62404000

Aqua Avanti Single
Aqua Avanti Single Profi

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