Anti lime scale cartridge

In-line decalcification

The In-line decalcification inline anti lime scale cartridge is used as additional stage before the prefilter or main filter stage. The ion exchange resin inside the cartridge is reducing the lime scale when the water flows over. The In-line decalcification is improving the taste of hot and cold drinks which will be prepared with the over flown water (specially coffee and tea) and is protecting your coffee machine, kettle etc. for to much lime scale. The water flow should not be higher than 2 l/min. in order to to have an appreciable effect of lime scale reduction. As lower the water flow so higher the lime scale reduction.

In-line decalcification
Art.No. 88807984
Shortcode FP-5
Weight approx. 600 g
Height 32 cm
Diameter 10 cm
Flow rate Pressure depend approx. 2 l/min
Performance depending on the degree of hardness
Box 24 pieces 1 Stück
Weight 24 pieces ca.15 kg
EAN Number 4250188807984
Changing interval No later than 6 Months
Manufactured in Germany
Pallet 20 Boxes a 24 pieces
Manufactured for Aqua Avanti Inline
Main location Kitchen, Camper, Caravan
Min. working pressure approx.1bar – ideal 3,5 bar
Restrictions of use Use only cold water – Not behind unpressurized boilers!
mineralization inline
BB 10 EM – BB 20 EM

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