Osmosis systems

… for natural water filtering without chemicals

This natural type of water filtering does not need any chemicals or electricity, it is based solely on the pressure of the water pipe.

Osmosis Systems



Model Best.No Performance l/day Performance range range Tank volume Features
AA OSMO AA-196 85l 3-6 Bar, 2-36° C 12 Liter gross Usable volume approx. 8l Reverse osmosis for private use
AA Osmo Profiline AA-288 8 till 245l 3-6 Bar, 2-36° C till 1.000 Liter Ideal for gastronomy and industry

How does reverse osmosis work?

In a reverse osmosis system, the tap water is pressed against a special membrane. This is only permeable in one direction.

Tiny passages of only 0.0001 micron (!) allows only the water molecules and not the other molecules in the water to pass through the membrane. While the non-permeable particles are retained and flushed out of the system via the drain, almost completely clean water exists the other side of the membrane.

This natural type of water filtration does not require any chemicals or electricity, but is based solely on the pressure of the water pipe.

Why reverse you should use reverse osmosis from Prime Inventions?

  • Save money!
  • Save the environment
  • Your „airbag“ for the kitchen
  • No more carrying heavy beverage crates
  • Development and assembling of the device in Germany, with competent support!
  • Four stage reverse osmosis device with new „twister- system“to be built in under the sink.
  • Carried out with sediment pre filter and active carbon pre filter toprotect the high quality reverse osmosis module.
  • Active carbon after filter for best taste
  • With separate stainless steel tap
  • Ratio of concentrate to pure water approx. 3.1 (can be different up to configuration for qualtity of incoming water)
  • Simple installation and simplest change of colour coded filter elements
    Space saving lying installation in kitchen socket is possible!