… get your water swirling

The Prime Inventions waterwhirler mimic the natural swirling of water as it occurs in rivers and waterfalls. The water immediately tastes fresher and more natural after being swirled.

Aquawhirler + Eggy Whirler


Modell Shortcode Adjustable water flow Integration chamber Features
Aquawhirler AW-888 yes yes The classic whirler with adjustable waterflow
Eggy whirler WE-888 yes yes The archtype whirler with adjustable waterflow
Aquawhirler Inline AW-26 yes For installation under the sink
Aquawhirler Mega AW-9000 yes The ideal waterwhirler for usage in residential houses up to 14 Appartments, Industry, Agriculture a.s.o
Aquawhirler Piccolo AW-112 yes yes For use with 3-way faucets
Aquawhirler Perlo AW-PERLO Our smallest whirler with two different functions
Aquawhirler Inline AW-9VA yes Invisible whirler, directly at the water inlet


Our drinking water usually lacks that whirling movement. In water pipes the water is held in motion by the pressure of the water pipe and stagnates in some pipes. The Water also reacts to external influences such as electrosmog. The Prime Inventions aquawhirlers imitate the natural whirling of the water as found in rivers and waterfalls. All that is needed to drive it is the water pipe pressure. The specially designed whirler unit whirls the water in a small space in the same way that it would beif flowing through a river or stream. The water immediately tastes fresher and more natural after the whirling.

Benefits of our aquawhirlers

  •  Your tap water will taste milder and fresher,
    Almost as if from a natural source
  • Your tap water will become more finely porous
  • The water will gain more oxygen
  • The CO² in the water will be reduced due to the whirling and thus more easily digestible
  • Prepared meals and drinks can be made to taste better and more natural thanks to the use of Prime Inventions aquawhirlers
  • You will save water because the water surface on the resultant
    vortex of water will be enlarged
  • The Aquawhirler AW-888 is a stimulating shower spray that will make you feel like you’re under a waterfall
  • The additionally available EM ceramic pipes and/or stainless steel mixes will help you make your own personal well-being water
    Smooth adjustment of water flow rate possible (AW-888, AW-112 and WE-888 models)