3-way faucets

… our 3-way faucets

are a useful addition to your under-table filter system.

3-way faucets


Model Shortcode Material System Features
F-28 F-28 stainless steel 3-way 3-way stainless steel design-faucet
WS-6 WS-6 chrome plated brass 3-way Stable 3-way faucet with separate valve at the outlet end and separate outlet for filter water
WS-7 WS-7 chrome plated brass 3-way with separate valve on the tap and separate outlet for filtered water withdrawal

3-way faucets

Faucets with up to 3 inlets for cold, warm and filtered water. The filtered water flows separately from normal tap water with sufficient space between. The filtered water also has a its own separate lever in addition to the lever for cold/ hot water.

High-quality materials

Our faucets are exclusively produced from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or brass. Faucet adapters for our water-whirlers and osmose systems are also available.