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Prime Inventions develops and sells innovative clean water products around the world. Our products are known worldwide under our own registered brands Aquawhirler, KalkoInnova, Wirbelei, Mercuro and AquaAvanti.

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There are many reasons for our success. One of them is that Prime Inventions recognized the relevance of environmental sustainability early on. In this way we make an important contribution to environmental protection out of conviction. Our products help, for example, to reduce your water consumption, to refine your drinking water in an environmentally friendly way and to be able to do without bottled water.

Prime Inventions GmbH uses electricity from 100% hydropower, climate-neutral web hosting and CO2-neutral print media.


EM GFP Premium

Our EM family is growing The Prime Inventions EM GFP Premium is a sintered activated carbon block filter cartridge for drinking water filtration. With a pore size of approx. 0.4 μm. Compared to the main type EM Premium 5, EM GFP cartridges have a 55% higher mass of activated carbon.…
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