Stainless steel countertop filter – 2 stages

Use the SF-66 sediment filter as a preliminary stage when treating sediment- containing water to extend the service life of the FC-EUN main filter stage. Alternatively, you can also combine the MF-1 membrane filter with the SF-66 sediment filter to achieve a high reduction in bacteria and viruses getting through.

Optional accessories:

  • AD-288 outlet pipe for water whirler, water whirler, FC-EUN carbon filter, SF-66 sediment filter, and MF-1 membrane filter
Art. No 90000339
Shortcode AV-TW
Weight 2255g net
Length, width, height approx. 115x200x315mm
Height 365mm (until pipe end)
Material housing and valve Brushed stainless steel
Material hose, length quality drinking water certified silver colored silicone hose, 1m
Flow rate depends on the filter cartridgemmax. approx. 10 l/min.
Packaging Unit 8 pieces
Box 120 x 210 x 380mm, 3kg
Box PU 440 x 500 x 400mm
Weight PU approx. 26kg inc. box
Customs number 8421 2100
EAN number 4250188803320
Scope of delivery AD288, Changeover valve, AD5, 1 m hose, housing key not necessary
Manufacturer Prime Inventions GmbH
Pallet 24 boxes x 12
Connection to water tap With changeover valve M24x1 IG
Main location Kitchen
Min. operating pressure approx. 1 bar, ideal 3-4 bar
Restricitons on use! Use only cold water
Not behind unpressurized boilers!

Plastic-free filter system*: Stainless steel guaranteed o de filtro EMC

Optional with waterwhirler

Safe connection of thread and seal

Sanuno Grande
Aqua Avanti Single

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