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The Aqua Avanti Single is a solid countertop filter equipped with an outlet pipe and outlet pipe holder made from stainless steel. Thanks to the M22x1 thread on the outlet pipe, an aquawhirler can be connected directly as soon as the cap is removed.

Generally only supplied with an original Carbonit® filter cartridge. As standard, an EM Premium 5 Filter Cartridge is provided in the delivery.

With the seal supplied, the Carbonit® and Prime Inventions
filter cartridges of the NFP, IFP and EM series, and 9 3⁄4” in size, fit into the housing. There is an option for another outlet pipe.

Art. No. 90000061
Shortcode AS-1
Weight approx. 1,3 kg net
Height approx. 290 mm
Material Housing PP Housing
Flow rate ca 2 l/min
Performance max. approx. 120 l/min at 4 bar
EAN number 4250188806178
Scope of delivery Complete filter housing with connection hose, Changeover valve and filter cartridge
Height tap 340 mm
Manufactured for 9 3/4“ filter cartridges Carbonit®
Main location Kitchen
Min. operating pressure approx. 1 bar, ideal 3-4 bar
Restrictions of use! Use only cold water
Not behind unpressurized boilers!

Scope of delivery

Precycling instead of Recycling

Aqua Avanti Inline

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