.. Limescale protection based on nature’s example.

A process similar to what we use with the Kalko Innova can be observed in nature with mussels and corals.

Chemical-free limescale protection is a recognized biotechnology.

Kalko-Innova system



Model Shortcode Type
KALKO INNOVA mini KI-1 Usage in the coffee machine or kettle
KALKO INNOVA SP KI-2 Usage in the dishing machine
KALKO INNOVA WP KI-3 Usage in the washing machine
KALKO INNOVA classic KI8 – KI24 – KI48 Usage at the main water supply
KALKO INNOVA Big Green KI-BG Usage at the main water supply

Chemical free anti-lime scale

KALKO INNOVA uses specially formulated ceramic granules which mimic the natural bionic process of sea shell or coral, helping to create crystals that catch the lime scale in the water. Once it is in crystal form, the lime scale will not stick to pipes or surfaces, and when dried it‘s like a powder.

Once the crystal has reached a certain size it breaks away from the surface. The calcium ions in the water attach to these new crystals and in turn create new sub-micron sized calcium crystals that can then be carried along in the water.It takes only a few seconds for this formation to occur, and new seeding crystals continue to be created, repeating the process.

These new crystals are stable and will not attach to any surface, eliminating calcium deposit build up. KALKO INNOVA is a chemical free, salt-free antilime scale product, which is both natural and energy efficient. Chemical free anti lime lime scale is an approved biotechnology. From the year 2009 on, the technical standard – EU-Norm EN 1988-20 Ziff. 12,7 (technical standards for drinking water technology)- is determining that anti lime scale devices are approved for drinking water installations and to be state of the art


  • Reducing of lime-scale
  • No tight lime scale on dried surfaces
  • Removing of the existing lime scale in pipes and equipments
  • Creation of a protection Iayer in the pipes
  • Chemical and salt-free
  • The water stays chemically the same
  • Maintenance free because it works with a catalyst
  • Extend the life of your pipes and equipments KALKO INNOVA
  • Saving of energy