Water filtration and enlivenment

A “special clay” is used for the manufacture of the EM-ceramics, which contains the organic material of plants, which are millions of years old and are food for the EM™ Effective Microorganisms during the several month long fermentation process. Among other things EM ceramics reduces the surface tension of the water, and decreases the size of the cluster structures. In this way the natural condition of the water will be restored. The EM ceramics is “baked” into the filter cartridge during manufacture. In this way there is a very large contact surface with the water.

Art. No. 90000569
Shortcode FP-7
Weight 680 g
Height 32 cm
Diameter 10 cm
Flow rate depending on pressure up to 2 l/min
Filter fineness 0,45 micron
Performance approx. 10.000l
Box 24 pieces 60 x 40 x 35 cm
Weight 24 pieces approx. 20 kg
EAN Number 4250188802200
Changing interval 6 months up to 5.000 l
Manufactured in Germany
Pollutant reduction See certificate NFP Premium
Bakteria reduction yes
Pallet 20 Boxes a 24 pieces
Manufactured for Aqua Avanti Inline
 Main location Kitchen, Camper, Caravan
 Min. operating power approx. 1 bar – ideal 3,5 bar
 Restrictions for use Use only cold water – Not behind unpressurized boilers!
EM Premium 5 inline
EM IFP Premium 5 – Inline

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