There are many reasons for our success. One of them is that Prime Inventions recognized the relevance of environmental sustainability early on. In this way we make an important contribution to environmental protection out of conviction.

The new under-counter filter system AquaAvanti Profi/Gastro helps to protect the environment and save resources. The filter stages for softening or removal of selective substances such as nitrate, arsenic, etc. are equipped with a diffuser. Therefore, filled cartridges are no longer necessary, which saves a lot of plastic. Another benefit is 100% more filling/capacity compared to using pre-filled cartridges.

Prime Inventions GmbH uses electricity from 100% hydropower. Our supplier, Stadtwerke Flensburg, has assured us of this in a document. All our business partners who are also interested in electricity from hydropower are cordially invited to obtain information directly from Stadtwerke Flensburg via the link below. The environmental concept is also reflected in the vehicle fleet. The management of Prime Inventions drives with an electric drive, charged with 100% electricity from hydropower.