SYR LEX Plus 10 Connect

Cost savings and a longer service life for your household appliances.

Noticeably more beautiful and softer

The fully automatic LEX Plus 10 Connect individual softeners use the proven ion exchange process – hardness forming calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions – to provide soft water permanently, reliably and economically. If the systems are connected to the Internet via WiFi, all fea tures can be used via the free SYR App.

Efficient in softening, economical in consumption: the LEX Plus 10 Connect softening water system works with modern economy salting. If the salt supply runs out, LEX reports this by SMS or e-mail.

The LEX Plus 10 Connect soft water system has a simple, semi-automatic start-up. The system can be easily controlled via the modern touch glass display. The menu will guide you through the necessary steps in a straightforward manner. If the system is connected to the Internet via WiFi, all features can be used via the free SYR App. If soft water capacity becomes scarce, the intelligent control system of the LEX Plus 10 Connect gives priority to regeneration.

The space-saving model LEX Plus 10 S Connect, with its sandwich connection fitting with blending valve, offers an easy way of connecting the DRUFI drinking water filter. If a drinking water filter from the DRUFI system is already installed, the LEX Plus 10 S Connect is the perfect solution. The result is a highly functional and compact filter and softening unit

The comfort model LEX Plus 10 SL Connect combines effective water softening with a sandwich connection fitting with leakage protection function and a flange connection for the DRUFI. Besides saving space and time during installation and commissioning, the combination offers the advantage that the integrated fittings interact and can be controlled with the SYR App: if, for example, the LEX Plus 10 SL Connect needs water for regeneration, it reports this to the leakage protection system, which releases the appropriate amount. The DRUFI drinking water filter can easily be flanged onto the connection fitting.

Art. No. LEX PLUS 10SL = 90000342
LEX PLUS 10S = 90000249
LEX PLUS 10 = 90000241
Shortcode SLP-SL
Empty weight 25 kg
Operating pressure min. 2 bar, max. 8 bar
Dimensions BxHxT 352 x 615 x 570mm
Nominal pressure max. 10 bar
Working temperature max. 30 °C
Salt reservoir LEX 10 25 kg
Resin quantity LEX 10  7,5 liter
Regeneration period 50 minutes
Medium Drinking water
Salt consumption for regeneration LEX 10 approx. 0,77 kg
Nominal flow rate nach DIN EN 14743 2,1 m3/h
Nominal flow following DIN 19636 from 20 °dH to 8 °dH 2,9 m3/h
EAN number LEX PLUS 10SL = 4250188802859
LEX PLUS 10S = 4250188803856
LEX PLUS 10 = 4250188803894
Packaging unit 1 piece
Shipping weight approx. 30 kg
NH-1 Combination System
Kalko Innova Mini

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