For adjustable water flow

Regulate the waterflow and whirl strength by turning the adjustment screw, accesible from the aoutside. This way regulating the water flow to the AW888. The AW-888 is shipped with the max. possible flow amount.

Customers who prefer a straight water beam, can install the beam regulator. The water then leaves the whirler like on a normal tap and not in a bell shape. Internaly the water is still whirled.

Waterwhirler with integrated gemstone chamber
Prime Inventions waterwhirler have a integrated gemstone chamber for energizing your drinking water

Art. No. 88808882
Shortcode AW-888
Weight approx. 250g without packaging + adapter
Length approx. 64mm
Diameter approx. 50mm
Material housing V4A stainless steel
Performance range approx. to 2 l/min, ideal 4-6 l/min
Connection thread M22 x 1 IG x M24 x 1 AG
Packaging unit 1 piece
EAN number 4250188888877
Optional connections M22 x 1 AG have without adapter M24 x 1 IG with including adapter
Optional Energyzing Gemstones (E1) or Aquawhiler balls
Manufactured in Germany
Main locations directly at the faucet, ideal after water filtering
Scope of delivery Whirler, M22 x 1 IG x M24 x 1 AG Adapter, manual
Cleaning AW-888 can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Please remove seals and gemstones before.
Min. operating pressure approx. 1 bar, ideal 3,5 bar

Delivery in exclusive wooden box

twist-off cap

Water like fresh from the spring

Eggy Whirler WE-888

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