1-way faucets

… our filter water cold water taps

are a useful addition to your under-table filter system.

1-way faucets


Model Shortcode Material System Features
F-29 Tina F-29 stainless steel 1-way Stainless steel design-faucet
F-19 S Nena F-19 S chrome plated brass 1-way Slim modern design faucet
WS-8 WS-8 plastic / chrome plated 1-way Elegant, affordable faucet with a free outlet
WS-8P WS-8P plastic / chrome plated 1-way Shapely, inexpensive faucet with aerator

Cold water filter water faucet

The classic filter faucet with one inlet exclusively for filtered water. Because only filtered water passes through it, It’s first choice for filtering bacteria for example.

High-quality materials

Our faucets are exclusively produced from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or brass. Faucet adapters for our water-whirlers and osmose systems are also available.