Anti Lime Scale Cartridges

EK-7S – not regenerable
AA Calci is an optional mineralisation step which gives the filtered water a small amount of minerals. The installation can be installed in reverse osmosis installations either between the tank and the tap or directly after the reverse osmosis membrane. As the water flows very slowly over the coral calcium directly after the reverse osmosis membrane, this installation produces a greater level of mineralisation than installing the device between the tank and the tap

EK-6GH – regenerable
Decalcification cartridge EK-6H for cold and hot drinks The EK-6H decalcifying cartridge improves the taste of cold and hot drinks (especially to improve the aroma of coffee and tea) and protects household appliances from calcification. The flowed through ion exchange resin reduces the total hardness of the water and can be repeatedly regenerated with a brine. This saves costs and protects the resources. A regeneration manual with information about exactly what you need is available on request from your dealer. The water low should not exceed about 2 l / min. so that a noticeable decalcification is guaranteed. The possible service life depends on hardness of the input ater. Depending on the raw water hardness are up to 1,900 l (hardness 5-10 dh)

Art. No. EK-7S: 88802453
EK-6GH: 9000034
Shortcode EK-7S
Weight 400 g
Height 248 mm
Diameter 73 mm
Material EK-7S = Ion exchanger resin
EK-6GH = Granulate total hardness
Flow rate approx. 2 l/min
Performance up to 1.900 l (degree of hardness 5-10dH)
up to 450 l (degree of hardness 11-25 dH)
Packaging unit 24 pieces
Box 285 x 80 x 80 mm
Box PU 24 pieces 600 x 400 x 300 mm
Pallet 24 Boxes x 4 = 576 pieces
Weight PU 24 pieces ca. 18kg
EAN number EK-7S: 4250188802453
EK-6GH: 4250188806581
Customs number 84219900
Changing interval max. 6 months
Manufactured for 9 3/4“ Filter housing
Main location Kitchen
Min. working pressure 1 bar
Aqua Avanti Calci
SC-99 Sediment Filter

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