NH-1 Combination System

Cost savings and a longer service life for your household appliances.

Water softening and nitrate filter system

for softening and denitrification of drinking and service water up to max. 30° C.
Lime and nitrate in the water are currently the biggest challenges in water treatment. Solutions with filter cartridges or reverse osmosis systems are very complicated and expensive. With the new NH-1 system, you can rid your well or domestic water of nitrate and reduce the degree of hardness to a reasonable level and in a very inexpensive way. The two granules 20 liters for softening and 10 liters for denitrification are automatically regenerated regularly. Due to the large salt container, you rarely need to refill with salt.

NH-1 consisting of:
GRP pressure bottle, filled with high-quality ion exchange resin, cabinet housing for a salt supply of max. 70kg, volume-controlled central control valve type Clack WS 1 CI, integrated fine-cut valve, suction device and connection line to the central control valve.

Installation conditions:
Drinking or raw water connection – socket 230 V / 50 Hz – waste water connection – Pressure reducer at> 6 bar – House water filter at the entrance – Connection thread: 1 “.

Drinking or raw water connection – socket 230 V / 50 Hz – waste water connection – pressure reducer at> 6 bar – domestic water filter at the inlet – connection thread: 1“.

Optional connection set available (ASS-2) Also available with other capacities or as a pure nitrate removal system. For further information please request datasheets.

Optional: ASS-2 ASS-2
Connection set 1“ for NH Plant (softening and nitrate removal)
1x Hardness Cutlery (2-pack)
2x reinforced hose 1“ with union nuts Length 1.000mm (DIN-) DVGW tested
4x seals
1x drain hose length 2.000mm
1x overflow hose length 2.000mm
1x hose clamp

NH-1 Combination System
Art. No 90000124
Shortcode NH-1
Packaging unit 1 piece
Box 114 x 32 x 50cm
Weight 30 kg
EAN Nummer 4250188803825
For apartments to 4-6 persons
Capacity 10°dH* 8.000 l
Capacity 15°dH* 5.330 l
Capacity 20°dH* 4.000 l
Nominal flow** 2,4 m3/h
Nominal flow****** 0,8 m3/h
max. raw water flow pressure 6,0 bar
min. raw water flow pressure 2,0 bar
Pressure loss at max. Flow 0,6 bar
Salt consumption per regeneration 3,2 kg
Regeneration time 60 min.
Height Cabinet housing 1.140 mm
Width cabinet housing 320 mm
Deep cabinet housing 500 mm
Maximum salt supply 70 kg
GRP pressure bottle 8“x35
Softening granule 20 liter
De-nitrating granules 10 liter
Control head Clack WS 1 C
Water connections 1“ AG
Wastewater connection 12 mm
Power consumption 3 Watt
Electrical connection 230/50/24 V
Max. Water temperature 30° C
Weight of the entire system 30 kg
* until the next regeneration
** according to DIN 19636 (20 ° dH to 8 ° dH)
*** from 20 ° dH to 0.5 ° dH (40 BV / h)

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