2-way cartridge device with a seriell arrangement

All DUO-filter units are ready for installation under the sink and can be sup- plied fully equipped depending on the version.


Used for the softening of drinking water, followed by the safe-filtering
of bacteria. Flow about 1l / min (optimum softening) Please check the life quality of the lime cartridge. The chemical treatment is processed through the ion-exchanger – which actually withdraws the lime (total hardness) from the water. 2-way cartridge device is used for water treatment in serial within the kitchen or bathroom. DUO Lime is used when an additional reduction of water hardness is desired.

  • 1x IKK/Reg.
  • 1x NFP Premium
  •  Filtering the entire cold water from the main pipe


Individual requirement to (serial) filter system. The cartridge can be selected by the customer for the filtering task required and ordered separately.

  • Pre-filter in front of the activated carbon cartridge in order to protect them from rapid clogging
  • adsorption increased by 2 serial activated carbon cartridges (Doubled contact time) without cartridges
  • Filtering the entire cold water from the main pipe or even to recycle (the entire water system) to your existing faucet


For heavily contaminated water the 2-way cart- ridge device is used in serial (Pre-filter and main filter) within the kitchen or bathroom.
Suitable for highly polluted water such as iron particles. Flow approx.2 l /min.

  • 1x VFS 09/001
  • 1x NFP Premium
  • Filtering the entire cold water from the main pipe
Art. No. 115DUOHPS2 Art. No. 11 DUOHPS3 Art. No. 115DUOHPS4
Model DUO Kalk seriell Model DUO HP Spezial seriell Model DUO HP Basic seriell
Shortcode DUOHPS-KA Shortcode DUOHPS-SP Shortcode DUOHPS-BA
EAN number 4024875143545 EAN number 4024875143583 EAN number 4250188803474
Height x Width x Length
30 x 28 x 15 cm without connections
Flow rate Performance
depends on the filter cartridge
Restritctions of use
Use only cold water
Not behind unpressurized boilers!

Carbonit® Duo HPP
Carbonit® Vario-HP

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