Kalko Innova Biggreen

Cost savings and a longer service life for your household appliances.

Innovative limescale protection and filtration

Protect your water in the gastronomy sector, industry, and at home
KI Big Green offers environmentally-friendly water treatment and filtration. The device protects your water pipes and equipment from limescale deposits. The method is based on TAC (Template Assisted Crystallization) treatment, treating your water without using chemicals or salt. The KI Big Green is not only compact, but, through its revolutionary, two-stage high-flow carbon block filtration procedure, can also reduce the levels of chlorine and poisonous chemicals.

BIG GREEN is a patented device that uses TAC technology
The KI Big Green is a patented device (patent number EP3636598) that uses TAC technology in a highly efficient manner in order to extend the service life of the media. The tap water flows around the KALKO INNOVA Big Green Granulate. Small seed crystals of a few ten thousandths of a millimeter are formed automatically and within seconds on the surface of the granulate. These immediately detach again to make room for more crystals. The seed crystals floating in the water are carried by the water into all pipes and connected devices. They trap the limestone and thus no longer adhere to anything in the treated water. This causes the lime particles to lose their ability to adhere to surfaces and can remove existing deposits in pipes and equipment. KI Big Green protects your entire piping system, device and equipment from aggressive lime deposits, which lead to unnecessary defects and corrosion.

Art. No. 90000479
Shortcode KI-BG
Empty weight 7 kg
Packaging unit 1 piece
Box L X B X H 23 x 23 x 48,5 cm
Customs number 84212100
EAN number 4250188803481
Max. flow rate 37,8 l/m
Min. flow rate 11,34 l/m
Working temperature 5 – 40 ° C
max. working pressure 4,8 bar – A Pressure relief valve must be installed, if the pressure will be more than 4,8 bar
Working conditions Only for inhouse using – Protection is required when installed outdoors.
Dimensions 254 mm (10 Zoll) x 254 mm (10 Zoll) x 457 mm (18 Zoll)
Main location Gastronomy, industry, at home
Scope of delivery Housing, Carbon filter, cartridge TAC, housing key, wall bracket
Kalko Innova Classic-Line
Aqua Fidelo 20″

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