filter cartridges WATER VITALIS

Fill the bottle with water from a stream, lake or the water main.
Enjoy the filtered and pure water directly from the filter bottle – anywhere in the world.

Replacement filter cartridges

The WaterVitalis virus filter is used as a replacement filter cartridge for WaterVitalis filter water bottles.

The Disruptor® filter medium has the ability to effectively remove a wide range of contaminants: bacteria / legionella, viruses, endotoxins, polysaccharides, colloids, drug residues and other pathogens – travel safer with WaterVitalis.

Art. No. 90000551
Shortcode WVEFV1
Weight approx. 26 g
Length approx. 75mm
Diameter approx. 38mm
Material Laminated carbon / cellulose Disruptor® Antimicrobial – Housing: food grade PP
Flowrate 1 liter per min
Filter material certification NSF/ANSI 42
Packaging unit PU 2 pieces
7 x 2 pieces
EAN number 4250188803801
Box sizes 2-er Set – 21 x 4,5 x 4
7-er Set – 35 x 25 x 4,5
Change interval Filter inserts after max. 260 Liter
Connection Double O-ring plug closure
Usage performance 150-260 liters depending on Degree of pollution of the Water
Usage restrictions! Drinking water 1-60 Grad C (no sea water, no industry water)

Easier Filter cartridge change by simple Snap closure

Water Vitalis
EM GFP Premium

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