EM GFP Premium

Our EM family is growing

The Prime Inventions EM GFP Premium is a sintered activated carbon block filter cartridge for drinking water filtration.
With a pore size of approx. 0.4 μm. Compared to the main type EM Premium 5, EM GFP cartridges have a 55% higher mass of activated carbon.

The activated carbon mass determines the adsorptive retention rate (ARR) and retention capacity (ARK) compared to normal NFP, the adsorptive retention rate is about 120% and the retention capacity is about 130%. Therefore, this filter cartridge is used with high adsorption requirements
recommended (drug residue, decolorization, odor removal, chlorine removal, etc.).
The EM ceramic is “baked” into the filter cartridge during manufacture as a powder. This creates a very large contact surface with the water. Together with the proven filter performance of a Carbonit® GFP premium filter technology, the result is ideal water filtration with a unique taste experience thanks to the EM ceramic.