Reduction of the biofilm

The SF-66 sediment filter cartridge is used for pre-filtering and has a mechanical filter unit of 1 μm. The new secure thread connection has been specially made for the stainless steel countertop filter series Aqua Avanti VA UNO and Twin. Textile coarse and preliminary filter, e.g. for the removal of heavily particle-loaded or dirty (turbidity) input water. Water with a high sediment content impairs the visual value of beverages and, in the worst case, can have a damaging effect on your plant components.

The filter cartridge must be replaced after six months. In principle, up to 10,000 liters of water may be filtered during this period. However, an earlier replacement may be necessary if the water flow is noticeably reduced. The water flow rate is now up to 8 liters/min, depending on water pressure and filter housing. Protect from frost.

Art. No. 90000384
Shortcode SF-66
Weight 66 g net
Height 250mm incl. thread
Diameter 47 mm
Flow rate / performance approx. 8 l/min (pressure depend) Max. ca. 8.000 liter
Packaging unit 24 pieces
Box 260 x 70 x 70mm
Box PU 24 pieces 600 x 400 x 300 mm
Weight PU 24 pieces approx. 2 kg
Customs number 8421 9900
EAN number 4250188803306
Changing interval 6 months
Pollutant reduction Sediment + pollutants bigger as 1 µm
Filter fineness 1 µm
Pallet 24 Boxes x 24 = 576 pieces
Manufactured for 9 3/4“ Filter housing
Main location Kitchen
Min. working pressure 1 bar
Restrictions for use! Use only cold water – Not behind unpressurized boilers!
Membrane Filter for AA Uno/Twin
EM Premium Uno for AA Uno/Twin

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