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The compact, mini Aquawhirler Perlo contains a reversible whirling element. You can thus choose whether the whirled water should come out as a vortex bell or jet. The Aquawhirler Perlo thus has 2 functions, firstly, the water “as a bell” option, just like with our Eggy Whirler, and, if you turn the Aquawhirler Mini whirling element inwards, you will get a straight water outlet, just like with the Picollo.

The housing is made from high-quality V4A stainless steel and the whirling insert is made from plastic material suitable for use with drinking water. You can thus also replace the whirling insert individually. For reasons of hygiene, we recommend it ideally always be replaced at the same time as the filter cartridge change every 6 months. As the whirling element is made from a very small amount of plastic, its replacement is environmentally-friendly. You will save on the use of chemical agents which are otherwise necessary for cleaning and decalcifying with conventional jet regulators.

Art. No. 90000318
Shortcode AW-PERLO
Weight approx. 18 g
Length without adapter 19,5 mm
with standard adapter 30 mm
adapter for 3way faucets 37 mm
Material Housing cap V4A stainless steal, Whirling unit PET
Flow rate up to approx. 10 l/min
Connection thread M22 x 1 x M24 x 1
EAN Number 4250188801951
Optional connection Optional variants for 3-way faucets WS-7 and WS-6 are availabler.
Main location Faucet
Scope of delivery Whirler (incl. whirling unit) with M22 x 1 IG thread, adapter M22 x 1 IG x M24 x 1 AG thread
Cleaning AW-Perlo can be cleaned in the dishwasher
Change interval whirling unit every 6 months recommended
Min. working pressure approx. 1 bar ideal 3,5 bar
Spare parts Whirling unit Aquawhirler Perlo ArtNr. 90000493, AW-PWE EAN 4250188804471
Aquawhirler Piccolo

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