World innovation 2020 Exclusive to Prime Inventions

Now you can also use the proven combination of Carbonit activated carbon block and EM for the entire house water filtration. The two 10 „and 20“ EM activated carbon filters from Carbonit® are ideally suited for our AquaFidelo house water filter housings, exclusively for Prime Inventions manufactured. Of course, the two filter cartridges also fit into the housings of many other manufacturers. A high fineness of 1 my could be achieved and only a slight reduction in the water flow, which is very important for filters for the whole house.

The BB EM cartridges combine pollutant filtering of undesirable substances in the water such as B. rust particles or organic particles, removal of odor pollution such as chlorine and medication residues in the water and the excellent EM ceramic properties in one cartridge.

BB 10 EM – BB 20 EM
Art. No. BB 10 EM – 88804877
BB 20 EM – 8880460
Shortcode BBEM10
Dimensions BB 10 EM – 25,4 cm
BB 20 EM – 50,8 cm
Diameter BB 10 EM – B 14 cm
BB 20 EM – B 14 cm
Filter material EM-ceramics and carbon
Customs number 842199001
EAN number BB 10 EM – 4250188804877
BB 20 EM – 4250188803641
Flowrate BB 10 EM 24 l/min
BB 20 EM 48 i/min
Filter fineness 1 my
Change interval 6 months
Made in Germany
Retention u. a. hormone-like substances, Pesticides, heavy metals and Drug residues
Made for Aqua Fidelo Filter 10“ + 20“
Min. pressure approx. 1 bar, ideal 3-4 bar
Usage restrictions! Use only with cold water Protect from frost!
In-line decalcification
Pentek DGD

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