V4A Whirler with Aquawhirler balls

The new AW-26 Aquawhirler is inserted for water whirling under the sink after the water filter or even in the shower. The housing is made of high quality V4A stainless steel. The whirling happens through the newest whirling technique of Prime Inventions with the help of the Aquawhirler balls. Many small eddies are generated in the water by flowing around a number of small whirling depressions, specially milled in the glass balls. In nature, e.g. in rivers, the water also becomes turbulent by the flow around stones etc., from which a number of small vortices then also originate, which refresh the water. The AW-26 with Aquawhirler balls simulates this kind of natural whirling of the water and brings this directly into your water pipe.


  • Connection ideally in the shower directly to1/2“ wall connections (with A4 Adaptation)
  • behind the water filtration systems under the sink.
  • Adaptation depending on the system connection
  • before the washing machine Filling of the AW-26 whirler A mixture of Aquawhirler balls

Optional Adaptions:

A2: 2 pieces JohnGuest adapter 3/8“ IG – 3/8“ JG connection e.G. AquaAvanti Inline, or Osmosis systems with 3/8“ pipes like AquaAvanti Osmo.

A3: 2 pieces adapter 3/8“ AG – 1/4“ JG connection for osmosis systems with 1/4“ pipes.

A4: 1 piece nipple 1/2“ IG – 1/2“ IG from V4A to connect a shower pipe. Other AW-26 side to connect to 1/2” shower valve outlet at the wall.

A5: 2 piece nipple 1/2“ – 3/4“ to connect a washing machine

Art. No. 88813626
Shortcode AW-26
Weight 290 g
Length 11,6 cm
Diameter 2,5 cm
Material housing V4A stainless steel
Min. flow rate approx. 0,5 l/min
Max. flow rate approx. 10 l/min
Connection thread 1/2“ IG
Packaging unit 1 piece
EAN number 4250188813626
Optional adaptions see above
Optional energyzing Aquawhirler balls
Manufactured in Germany
Main locations Kitchen, shower, washing machine
Scope of delivery Delivery in a luxury wooden box, Whirler, wall mount, reinforced hose, 2 adapter to 3/8“ AG
Cleaning AW-26 can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Please remove seals and balls before.
Min. operating pressure 1 bar

Eggy Whirler WE-888
Aquawhirler Mega

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