The machine Whirlator® MA 340 increases the water solubility and supports the cleansing processes in washing machines and dishwashers. In addition up to 80% lime deposits can be reduced, saving on detergent.


Material: Brass / sanitary standard chrome and knurled
Dimensions: Diameter 34mm x 34mm length
Weight: 75g
Capacity: 10 liters / min. 3.5 bar
Connection / Type: G ¾‘‘ - ¾‘‘ IA (internal and external thread) for connecting Andie valve / water inlet / washing machine, dishwasher connection, steam cleaners, other.
Usage: The machine Whirlator® can be mounted on each valve / water valve with G ¾‘‘ Following washing machines and dishwashers, water-bearing units with G ¾‘‘ port on the external threads of the faucet / tap.
Range of application: Technical equipment, such as Washing machines and dishwashers, steam cleaners and all operated with drinking water devices and machines to be protected against lime and biofilm formation.


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