The MF08 inline filter is a pure membrane filter cartridge. Via the the microfiltration membrane - a bundle of many small capillary membranes - with a pore size of 0.15 μm, particles can be filtered out down to 0.00015 mm. Hence, the cartridge is capable of retaining bacteria. It can be used individually as a pure bacteria barrier or connected at the outlet side behind activated carbon cartridges (removal of solutes). The installation is possible very easily via the thread connections using the 3/8“ thread that is the most common in Europe, and is quick and space-saving. Due to the hydrophilic membrane properties, the MF 08 has a sufficient throughput even at low pressures.

Application areas

For water filtration in the kitchen and bathroom shortly before the withdrawal (point of use). Freedom from bacteria of the filtered water is ensured (see installation diagram below). Use is also possible as a shower filter (Legionella) and in outdoor areas (campers, houseboats for tank filling and - alternately - for point of use filtering). As an alternative to the threaded nipples, water connections of the Gardena type are available (optional) among other things. So the application is very flexible and can be extended by the user to other areas of application.

Technical data

Part no.: 245MF08 / 245MF08-ET1

Flow rate: approx. 12 l/min at 4 bar; approx. 7 l/min at 2 bar

Filter fineness: 0.15 μm

Dimensions: max. diameter 42 mm, max. length with connections approx. 253 mm

Pollutant retention of particles larger than 0.15 μm, hence retention of:among other things, bacteria, no extraction of solutes

Useful life: The filter cartridge must be changed at the latest after 6 months (in accordance with DIN EN 1717). However, earlier replacement may be necessary if the water throughput is perceptibly reduced.

Instructions for use
  • For use only with cold water, protect against frost
  • Note the direction of flow (arrow), both during installation in the line and also when exchanging the replaceable insert (A,B)
  • The MF08 inline filter is available as a complete version (with connections and outer tube) or as a replaceable insert (Membrane tube with seal = wear part)
Retention of harmful substances
The MF08 inline filter reliably holds back particles larger than 0.15 μm - and so bacteria among other things. The STERO-Tap® capillary membrane used is tested in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standard 53 (Cyst and Turbidity) Reduction.

MF08 is not suitable to remove solutes from the water. For the additional removal of solutes (pesticides, plant protection products, drug residues, chlorine, copper...), the use of CARBONIT® filter cartridges is recommended (with activated carbon, e.g. NFP premium, or with Ion exchangers against limescale, nitrate...).


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