Our famous water filter - inexpensive, quickly installed, handy, flexible and naturally 100 % CARBONIT® quality.

Point-of-Use (POU) System as a countertop connected to sink faucet. Placed ona counter and connected by tubing to an existing kitchen sink faucet. Fresh and clean water from the waterworks travels a long way until it reaches your water tap. Thus its quality diminishes through interaction with the external service system and especially the internal house installation. The water also contains unwanted substances that are not restricted by law at this point. These substances include medical residues, polar pesticides and fibres of asbestos.

To make sure you are consuming only the purest water we have developed our CARBONIT® Premium Drinking Water Filters. They significantly reduce the amount of unwanted substances and improve the taste and smell of your tap water. Does not remove beneficial minerals. If the small lever (diverter) is shifted to the side, the tap water is routed through the filter. This water is recommended as drinking water or for tea, cooking and watering the flowers. Usable even with high concentration levels of lead and copper. Using the direct passage (by not shifting the lever) normal unfiltered water is provided for washing the dishes, for example.

Do not use behind a depressurized storage water heater. Do not attach to a spray hose faucet with shower hose. Operate only with cold water. The housing is made out of PP. In line with current good practice and epdwa Guidelines. Filter cartridges should be changed every 6 months.

Scope of Supply
Complete filter device with connection hose and special deflector valve with adapter for internal thread. A CARBONIT® Monoblock NFP Premium filter cartridge (SANUNO Classic) or NFP Clario filter cartridge (SANUNO Comfort) is included. Sanuno Vital: EM Premium D filter cartridge, EggyWhirler and PlasmexxWater ReVitalizer (additional water enlivenment)

Use instructions
- Connection to standard kitchen faucet with external thread
(M22x1) with the included special
diverter valve (an adapter for valves with internal thread
M24x1 is also included)
- Non-behind-pressurized boilers operate!
- Do not connect to a shower faucet!
- Operate only with cold water ! Protect from frost.

SANUNO Classic grey with NFP Premium / grey colored with change display (new)


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