Compact and elegant -
a feast for the eyes in the kitchen

The installation is very easy and it can be attached to the original faucet from your sink using a high quality silicone hose.

The diverter valve (included) is easily installed (see installation diagram) from which you can divert from unfiltered to filtered water.

All standard CARBONIT® and Prime Inventions 9 3/4" filter cartridges can be inserted. The specific design of the outlet-pipe and casings are made out of high quality stainless steel subject to standard drinking water regulations. Special design elements are the quality union nut and the stainless steel spout.

Special features:
  • solid stainless steel case
  • brushed surface (stainless typical)
  • easy to open
  • easy to clean
  • outlet tube of stainless steel
  • high quality silver colored silicone hoseh
  • good stability even with heavy water whirler

ME-1 Mercuro filter housing without cartridge
ME-2 Mercuro with EM Premium 5 cartridge - special price

Optional accessories:
  • Connection for water-whirler: Stainless steel Spout with M22x1 thread
  • silicone hose length 2m or 5m. On Individual length can be cut to
  • nipple to daysy chain multiple Mercuro housing to use for e. g. in the first stage as a pre-filter

The AA Mercuro can be easily cleaned with a microfiber towl.


Not for use with „pressureless boilers“. Only use with cold water due to the construction of the available filter cartridges.

Technical Specifications:

Case Material: Stainless Steel
Diverter valve to the water tap: chrome plated brass, threaded parts are CNC machined
Height: approx 28,7cm
Width: about 15cm
Weight: dry ca. 3,1 kg
Hose Material: Silicone drinking water compliant
Hose length: 1m (longer hoses optional)
Weight: aprox. 3,1kg dry withour cartridge


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