Excellent and delicious water for your wellbeing

We need around five litres of the best drinking water per person per day. Today many households drink bottled water, because they don’t like the taste of the tap water. An expensive, uncomfortable and ecologically questionable solution, which is a burden to the environment due to transport and packaging. However, almost every household has tap water available which is excellently suited as a raw material for further processing. Our water filters, the AquaAvanti Osmo series, provide you with your daily needed quantity of healthy, good tasting water, from your normal tap water. In that way, you can save several hundred Euros a year and also protect the environment. Free yourself once and for all from carrying heavy crates.

Additionally with the AquaAvanti Osmo you will receive your „airbag in the kitchen“. What ever disturbing or dangerous substances come out of your water pipes, your AquaAvanti Osmo reduces almost all substances contained in the water over several filtration stages, to a level where they are no longer disturbing.

The main effect is achieved by reverse osmosis. This procedure has been tried and tested for decades and is even used for desalting sea water. With its patented and hydraulically driven permeation pump, the AquaAvanti Osmo device saves a lot of water compared with normal reverse osmosis devices and at the same time uses no electricity.

Your advantages
  • Save money!
  • Save environment
  • Your „airbag“ for the kitchen
  • No more carry heavy beverage trailer
  • Development and assembling of the device in Germany, with competent support!
  • Four stage reverse osmosis device with new „twister- system“ to be built in under the sink.
  • Carried out with sediment pre filter and active carbon pre filter to protect the high quality reverse osmosis module.
  • Active carbon after filter for best taste
  • With separate stainless steel tap
  • Ratio of concentrate to pure water approx. 3.1 (can be different up to configuration for qualtity of incoming water)
  • Simple installation and simplest change of colour coded filter elements
  • Space saving lying installation in kitchen socket is possible!
For daily enjoyment and ideal for:
  • Preparing food and drinks
  • For the production of untainted baby food
  • For protection of your high quality household appliances
  • For skin and face care
  • No visible water stains on cleaned surfaces such as glass, mirrors etc.
Technical data:
  • Membrane filter and active carbon filter cartridge with EM ceramic
  • Filling the tank with innovative non electrical permeat pump which saves up to 85% water
  • Using with 3-6bar, 2-36 degrees C
  • Aprox. 85 liter water production a day

Tank volume: 12 liter (8 liter usage volume). Manually flushing valve for flushing the membrane and extent the membrane life time
Weight: Approx. 10,25kg inkl. packing
Size of packing: 48x18x32cm

  • Water whirler EggyWhirler or AW-112 Picollo
  • Various kinds of faucets like three way faucets
  • AquaAvanti Calci, Okinawa calcium mineralisation
Scope of delivery:

Reverse osmosis system with membrane and filter cartridges stainless steel tank F12 stainless steel tap mounting accessories


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