Quick and easy cartridge changing

The cartridge can be changed within seconds by just turning left about 45 degrees and push out. There is no need of a wrench like with standard filter housings. The cartridge change is very hygenic as the water flow areas will not be touched.


The Kalko Innova Inline cartridge in used as additional stage after before the main filter stage. The anti lime scale protection catalyst granulate inside works chemical free with a long usage time. The granulate has a specially formulated surface which mimic the natural bionic process of sea shell or coral, helping to create crystals that catch the lime scale in the water. Once it is in crystal form, the lime scale will not stick to pipes or surfaces, and when dried it‘s like a powder. Kalko Innova is made just to protect pipes and machines. For other purposes please use the EK 7 an ion exchanger based softening cartridge.

Service life:

The life time of the cartridge is minimum 3 years if clean drinking water is used. Water with a lot of sediments or ion particles can block the surface of the granulate and will reduce the life time. In that cases we recommend to use a prefilter.


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