The Bellima® Water Fan increases the joy of drinking tea or of other hot beverages


  • improves the aroma of tea and coffee
  • avoids cloudiness or film in tea
  • reduces water hardness and avoids limescale build-up
  • reduces heavy metal particles (e.g. iron, zinc, lead and copper from house installations)
  • is ph-neutral and offers the precious potassium
  • single use – no bacterial contamination
  • is made of renewable raw materials in a non-polluting way and completely produced in Germany
  • removes typical taste of tap water when used for cold drinking water
  • can be disposed with waste paper or organic waste
  • with its handy size it can also offer familiar water-quality on journeys into other countries (e.g. eliminates chlorine taste from water)

What’s wrong with hard water?
Tea connoisseurs know the problem: boiling hard water results in cloudy tea with an unpleasant surface film, impaired taste and an accumulation of limescale in the kettle. Traces of heavy metals and other elements can also affect the taste of tap water and the drinks you make with it.
The solution is the Bellima fan!
The Bellima fan softens your tap water, neutralises the pH value and adds valuable potassium. The result is perfect water for translucent, aromatic tea.
Bellima: simply better
Just place the Bellima fan directly into the kettle and allow to boil. It’s as simple as that. Jug filters can harbour germs and may also contain silver as an anti-bacterial agent. The Bellima fan is single-use, so there are no bacteria, and there is no need for antibacterial agents. The Bellima fan is an entirely natural, environmentally friendly product, made from sustainable materials (wood/cellulose): after use, simply recycle as paper or compost.

How do I use Bellima?
Bellima is meant for single use only. Place the fan into your kettle in max. 1 litre of water and allow to boil, or steep in cold water for a little longer.

How does Bellima work?
For all the substances that have been removed from the water calcium, magnesium and heavy metals there has to be added an equivalent - potassium. A procedure which is known and widespread in nature as well. Also known as cation exchange. For their production of energy out of sugar human beings as well as all other upper creatures need among other very important substances citrate (see “citric acid cycles”). This is why it can be found in nearly all food and beverages. When preparing tea it considerably supports Bellima’s effect. Additionally it avoids by its action taste irritations which could be caused by chlorinated water.

Why does Bellima reduce calcification in the electric kettle?
Bellima reduces water hardness. Calcifications after boiling procedures with hard water are considerably reduced.


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