The Whirlator® UT 380 for easy mounting to any angle valve. Higher water solubility and reduced calcification for all design and non-standard fittings.


Material: brass / chrome plated sanitary standard
Dimensions: 28mm diameter x 50 mm length
Weight: 60g
Capacity: 10 liters / min. 3.5 bar
Connection / Type: G ⅜‘‘ with male thread for connection to all standard angle valves.
Use: The Whirlator® can be screwed onto the faucet to any faucet in the bathroom or kitchen with G ⅜‘‘ external thread on the angle valve for removal from drinking or washing water.
Range of application: Wherever particularly valuable faucets are mounted. The Whirlator® is not optically visible mounted between corner valve and connecting pipe to the valve. At the same time the Whirlator®-effect can be utilized optimally without the appearance of the valve to change.


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