Whirlator® - Simply screw, and enjoy!

Made in Germany

Take full advantage of significantly better water in the house, apartment and garden, which offer you our Whirlator® products. See for yourself! Easy to install, bolt on and go. For a healthy cooking and mild, soft drinking water. Ideal for take-away to, for example, To enjoy the benefits of high-energy, soft water while traveling. Through the various Whirlator® attachments you can improve the water supply according to demand and use either centrally or as a stand-alone solution. The Whirlator® products improve the domestic water supply. This promotes the well-being of humans, animals and plants.

  • With Whirlator®, you help the environment and reduce your household costs.
    Whirlator® give the tap water, the quality of fresh spring water! The various essays by Whirlator® the water quality is significantly improved.
  • Whirlatoren® reduce lime & germs and provide softer water.
  • With the Whirlator technology, we provide a significant improvement in water hardness. These effects will help you in the long term at a cost savings to cleaning products and the premature replacement of electrical appliances with water connector or their repair, or renovation of calcified bathroom furniture.
  • Whirlator® products are highly reliable and can be installed quickly and easily.
    Simply screw and you‘re done.

Whirlator KKS - 81

13 specially arranged vortex chambers whirl every water molecule, ensuring orderly structures with optimal lime content. - u. Germ protection, low cost investment around larger housing estates or e.g. smaller swimming pools, other from germs o protect calcification.

Whirlator KKS - 18

The whirler KKS-18 P is a standard article in various industrial applications such be installed directly on water-driven metering pumps.

Whirlator® Lavatory-Adapter WTC 241

The Whirlator® WTC 241 for lavatory faucets in kitchen and bathroom, generates higher solubility in water for great tasting soft drinking water

Whirlator® Machine-Adapter MA 340

The machine Whirlator® MA 340 increases the water solubility and supports the cleansing processes in washing machines and dishwashers.

Whirlator® Angle-valves-Adapter UT 380

The Whirlator® UT 380 for easy mounting to any angle valve. Higher water solubility and reduced calcification for all design and non-standard fittings.

Whirlator® Central connection HC 340

This connection is for the drinking water circulation in residential complexes, residential homes and hospitals, reduces maintenance and consumption of water systems.

Whirlator® Industry-Adapter IP 340

The Whirlator® IP 340 port is used for process waters in industrial and agricultural enterprises. With higher demand, multiple devices can be operated in parallel.

Whirlator® Shower-Adapter DAC 120

The Whirlator® DAC 120 for your shower in bathroom, generates higher solubility in water for great tasting soft drinking water.


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