For several years, whirling of water has been the basis of a variety of water whirling appliances. Conventional water or liquid whirler are distinguished by the fact that these consist of a housing, inside which are firmly built-in whirling units such as disks etc. In addition, water revitalization media are integrated, such as for example ceramic, quartz balls or semi-precious stones. The conventional water whirler must be mounted either on the water pipe or the water outlet on the faucet or outlet pipe.

Prime Inventions has now independently developed usable small whirling elements, the Aquawhirler balls which themselves whirl and at the same time can also be an energizing medium. A large contact area with the water is thereby guaranteed.

Due to the special formations of the whirling sites, a variety of small vortices are achieved by each Aquawhirler ball. The whirling is thereby very similar to nature, because the water also goes through many small eddies, e.g. in rivers.

Through steady, well-distributed whirling, it keeps away biofilm that cannot get attached with constant whirling. This biofilm can be a basis of bacterial growth again. The Aquawhirler balls can also be mixed to granulate materials to reach a better exploitation of the granulate material media by a uniform whirling „directly on site“ between the granulate material bodies. For example, when used together with a mineralization granulate, a more uniform and rapid absorption in the water is ensured.

You can also use the Aquawhirler balls directly inside in the aerator of a faucet, or directly in the water pipe. The advantage is a very easy installation and considerable cost savings since you do not need a special housing like with conventional water whirler. But also the simple production of a water whirler is achieved by the use of one or more whirling elements and this was realized with the Inline AW-26.

Aquawhirler Balls

Aquawhirler glass ball with milled whirling surfaces, 10mm

Aquawhirler glass ball with milled whirling surfaces, 8mm

Aquawhirler glass ball with carved whirling surfaces, 8mm


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