Enlivened quality water from your own faucet

Your advantages of using our whater whirler:

  • Your tap water tastes milder and fresher, as if it were from a natural spring
    The porosity of your tap water is increased, so that nutrients and biologicalinformation can be better assimilated
  • The amount of oxygen in your tap water is increased
  • The amount of carbon-dioxide in the water is decreased, making it more agreeable
  • Prepared meals and drinks taste better and more natural
    You save water, as the water surface area is increased by the vortex
  • The whirled water also has a positive influence on the metabolism of plants and flowers
  • By using the AW-888 as a wellness-shower, the water vortex stimulates, you feel yourself as if under a waterfall
  • With the optional available gemstone blend you can make your own gemstone water
  • Fully adjustable water-flow rate possible (Models AW-888, AW-112 and WE-888)

In the forties of the last century, an Austrian water scientist discovered the principle of the natural water vortex. Most likely our universe is also based on the whirling principle. Today, in many regions, our drinking water is of poor quality because the natural whirling of the water is missing. The pressure in our water system is limiting the natural flowing of the water. In addition the water is exposed to electric smog etc. So the water cannot recover itself like in the past.

The Prime Inventions water whirler simulates the natural whirling of the water as it does in rivers and water falls, by using the water line pressure. With the specially developed whirling chamber, the water will be whirled like travelling long distances through a river. The taste of the whirling water is a lot better that regular tap water. It is fresher and you feel the higher energy in it.

The Prime Inventions water whirler Picollo, EggyWhirler and Aquawhirler are made with a stepless adjustment for the water flow. So you can adjust the whirler to your individual water line pressure in order to have the most efficient water whirling. It will also help to adjust the whirling to the reduced water flow of filter cartridges time after time.

Aquawhirler Mega AW-9000

The Aquawhirler Mega the ideal water whirler for use in residential buildings, residential complexes, up to 14 apartments, industry, hospitals, agriculture etc.

Aquawhirler Piccolo AW-112

The AW Piccolo is completely made up of high-quality V4A stainless steel, which complies with drinking water standards.

Inline Aquawhirler AW-26

The new AW-26 Aquawhirler is inserted for water whirling under the sink after the water filter or even in the shower.

Eggy Whirler WE-888

The Eggy Whirler in the Ur-Form - Use in Combination with Water Filters and Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Aquawhirler AW-888

With twist-off cap for an aerator made with a step less adjustment for the water flow

Aquawhirler Balls

Prime Inventions has now independently developed usable small whirling elements, the Aquawhirler balls which themselves whirl and at the same time can also be an energizing medium. A large contact area with the water is thereby guaranteed.


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