Ultra-filtration - Containment of Viruses and Bacteria

The new MF-2000 membrane filter is used as the sole filter or to expand an existing filter system for the containment of viruses and bacteria. Even if the filter stages used of the standard filter system are already bacteria-proof, you expand this with the MF-2000 for additional containment of viruses in water.

When using filter systems that do not allow any bacterial containment by themselves, the MF-2000 is the ideal supplement. Through the practical 1/2“ connection, the MF-2000 can also be used as a shower filter to protect against bacteria. Attention: since a lot of water is used while showering, the capacity of the MF-2000 is used up after approx. 30 showers. The MF-2000 is also ideal when travelling, to protect yourself from unpleasant surprises in the shower.

Technical data

Pore size: 0.02 microns

Service life: approx. 2000 liters (clear tap water) and up to 3,000 liters with pre-filtered water (e.g. with activated carbon filter)

Water flow direction: Input on internal thread side, output on external thread side

Length: 195mm with adapter, 140mm without adapter

Weight: ca. 86g without adapter, 108g with adapter


Input: 1/2“ IT adapted on 3/8“ plug connection (for AA Inline)
Output: 1/2“ OT adapted on 3/8“ plug connection (for AA Inline)


Hose plug connection on 3/8“ GNP threads for connection of reinforced hoses


If activated carbon filters are used before the MF-2000, these should be rinsed free without the MF-2000 - as indicated by the respective manufacturer. CARBONIT® activated carbon filters should be activated, e.g. for the first use, with running water for approx. 5 minutes. In the process, some activated carbon is flushed out that is not harmful to health. If the activated carbon gets stuck in the MF-2000, however, the usage time is then limited.


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