Carbonit® Duo HPP

2-way device with a parallel arrangement

As a 2-way cartridge device with a parallel arrangement with simultaneous flow of the cartridges for the following filtering tasks

Main applications: 

For use as an under table filter for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for commercial use. Water filtration within the kitchen for treated drinking water, even with high traces of bacteria, lead and copper. Well suited for making beverages, cooking water, etc.

DUO-HP Classic / 115DUOHPP1

Filtering the entire cold water from the main pipe Keeping in mind the possible flow rates:-

- Classic DUO HP about 7 l / min

- DUO HP Puro about 12 l / min

  • 2x NFP Premium D (0,7μm) - Classic
  • 2x IFP Puro (0,15μm) - Puro


Filtering drinking water or food consumption (D= 4 l/min)

  • 2x NFP Premium (0,45μm)
  • Diverting the existing cold water line


An Individual modification is possible for (parallel) filtering system. The cartridges, depending on the filtering task can be specifically selected and ordered separately by the customer.

Examples: Diverting the existing cold water line (for separate drinking water) or divert to (Filter the complete water system) your existing water faucet.

Art. No. 115DUOHPP1 Art. No. 115 DUOHPP4 Art. No. 115DUOHPP5
Model DUO HP Classic parallel Model DUO HP Basic parallel Model DUO HP Kitchen parallel
Shortcode DUOHP-CL Shortcode DUOHP-BA Shortcode DUOHP-KÜ
EAN number 4024875143545 EAN number 4250188803467 EAN number 4250188803450
Flow rate / Performance
DUO-HP classic: ca. 7 l/min
Flow rate / Performance
DUO-HP: IFP ca. 12 l/min
Restrictions for use!
Use only cold water
Not behind unpressurized boilers!


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