Under the sink filter Cito


The filter is usually installed underneath the kitchen sink. Either as a junction between the cold water angle valve and the kitchen faucet (Classic), a separate faucet is to be provided for this on the sink, or directly in the cold water pipe from the angle valve to the kitchen faucet (Universal), and so the entire cold water is filtered.

Also suitable for operation prior to an unpressurized boiler - only operate with cold water! Protect against frost.
Note: All component connections (also pre-assembled ones) are to be checked after installation for leakage tightness and if necessary retightened.

Scope of supply

All components required for each version, as well as operating instructions, filter replacement sticker and service reminder.

Performance parameters:

Article no: 120QC- ... see available versions

Dimensions (W x H x D): Filter unit without connections 140x378 x146 mm

Dry weight: Housing with cartridge (without connecting hoses) approx. 1.9 kg, wet: approx. 3.0 kg

Material: PP (Housing, cartridge lid), PEX (hoses). All materials contacting water are suitable for use with foodstuffs.

Flow rate: approx. 120 liters per hour with NFP Premium (Classic)
approx. 480 liters per hour with IFP Puro (Universal), at 4 bar water pressure

Retention of harmful substances: Is determined exclusively by the filter cartridge used

Pressure: Working pressure maximum 8 bar

Operating temperature: 5°C to 50°C

Connections: 3/8 “

Untertischfilter Cito
Available systems:

FCITO-QC Classic (120QC-BS1)
with NFP Premium cartridge and installation set

FCITO-QC Universal (120QC-BS2)
with Filterpatrone IFP Puro cartridge and installation set

FCITO-QC Basic (120QC-BS3)
without cartridge, with installation material
Connection between cold water line or on diversion line as well

FCITO-QC Grundmodul (120QC-BS4)
without cartrigge and without installation set


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