AquaAvanti Double - The double-filter system from Prime Inventions

The table filter AquaAvanti Double is our new two stage table-top filter equipped with outlet pipe and a discharge pipe holder made of stainless steel. Water-whirler with M22x1 thread can easily connected as soon as the cap is removed.

It can be connected to a regular water tap with the included diverter valve and adapter the for internal faucet thread. If the lever on the diverter valve is actuated, the tap water flows through the filtercartridge. Two filter cartridges can operate serially. So you can use a sediment filter for pre filterung the water or put in a lime cartridge in addition to water filtration. The scope of delivery includes a wall bracket for wall mount. AA Double includes always an original Carbonit® filter cartridge. As standard, an EM Premium 5 filter cartridge is included.
The following cartridges can be used:
CARBONIT® and Prime Inventions filter
cartridges: NFP, IFP and EM series of 9 ¾ „size
into the housing.

Technical Specifications

Weight: aprox. 2.390g
Height housing:
approx. 330mm
Height to spout:
approx. 260mm
about 280mm (including spout and hose connection)
Max. Working pressure:
Temperature working range:
1-45 degrees Celsius
Drill hole spacing for the wall bracket:
approx. 150mm
Water filtration Drinking water, only cold water
With diverter valve and Adapter at the outlet of a standard tap with M24x1 thread
Warning: Do not operate on pressureless boilers!


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