To avoid damage to equipment and ensure adequate hygiene within professional kitchens and laboratories normal tap water has to be prepared for filtering, softening, partial salting and desalting.

By using the RO system from Aqua Avanti Direct you save on the following:

  • Anti Lime scale
  • Detergent cleaner
  • Use of chemicals
  • Polishing times therefore reducing breakages
  • Maintenance costs

With the use of the AA Direct you save more than on many other water treatment processes such as with the demineralization exchanger. Here you have higher water consumption with follow up costs. The optimal and combined solution can be achieved from a water-softening unit, which is optionally available.

  • Permeate (filtered water) 130 – 300 l/h
  • Economical
  • More than 98% salt retention
  • Model 130 to 30°dh (degrees of Hardness) –Model 200 + 300 to 20°dH without softener
  • High yield permeate concentrated 1:1
  • Space saving design
  • Integrated dual pre-filter with carbon block filter
  • Pressure switch monitoring
  • Serviceability friendly
  • Unit in spray lacquer or in stainless steel

The AquaAvanti Direct systems 130 are very compact and require minimal space and can be universally used.


Producing of filtrated water for drinking and cooking within the gastronomy and cuisine (optional mineralization)

Supplied water within the catering industry for:

  • Coffee machines
  • Ovens (steamers)
  • Ice maker ( UV lamp may be required)
  • Vario cooker
  • Dish washers

Rinsing your glasses and dishes through your dishwasher may cause permanent damage from untreated water and may leave deposits of cloudy and or calcification residue on your dishes.
The AquaAvanti Direct can only achieve an impeccable shine to guarantee your Dishes and glasses stay residue-free and hygienically clean, therefore no polishing with a towel and thus reducing breakages.

In Laboratories
  • Dishwashing machines for laboratory glassware (added demineralisation optional)
  • Steam sterilizer

The RO water (permeate) can also be blended to achieve the desired dH if recommended from your devices.

The intelligent modular concept from AquaAvanti Direct

The AA Direct has a visual fault indicator and can be extended with optional modules.

Optional accessories:

  • Water softening valve! - Mixing valve for increasing the hardness of permeate. Protects copper & brass connections within the internal system
  • Quality mixed resin-bed for demineralisation
  • AA Direct storage tank (AAD-1) with an integrated pressure fed pump with an approx. 40 l fuel tank capacity

Assembly example for the AA Direct 130 ideal as a replacement for:

  • Cartridge systems
  • Partial demineralisation
  • MB Demineralisation cartridges
  • Decarbonising cartridges

Filtering, softening, with the possibility to partially or fully desalinate unprocessed water for the rinse cycle. The AA Direct can only achieve an impeccable shine to guarantee your Dishes and glasses stay residue-free through the process of desalinating.


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