Multi-Layer Water Treatment Systems for Multi Purpose Application

The Single-Tank Solution to treat a wide array of typical ‘problem water’ issues


The new MultiMix Series utilizes a revolutionary multipurpose filter media that effectively and efficiently treats 5 common problems found in municipal and well water supplies:

  • hardness
  • iron
  • manganese
  • organic material
  • ammonia

It consists of 5 different ingredients:

  • quartz sand
  • cation resin
  • adsorbent, for Natural Organic Matter
  • adsorbent, for Iron/Manganese
  • inert material

The filter material automatically forms a ‘multi-layer’ filter bed, with each layer selectively removing one (or more) of the different contaminants, present in the raw water. Regeneration is simple and straight forward: all that’s needed is backwashing and rinsing with NaCl. Just like a traditional water softener! Product selection, sizing and configuration is based on the water hardness only!


The MultiMix Series is available in 4 sizes. All of them feature our highflow 1” Rotary control valve, equipped with electronic controller with backlit display and demand-initiated regeneration.

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of installation: 1 systems solves a multitude of problems!
  • Simplicity in selection, sizing, configuration
  • Full 1” Rotary control valve for high flow rates/low pressure drop
  • Brine valve with float installed for double security


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