The LineGuard compact water systems produce safe, purified water in applications where high flow rates, long service life, low maintenance and compact design are decisive. The core of every LineGuard system is formed by the reliable and state-of-the-art Norit X-Flow ultrafiltration membrane modules, which are successfully employed in the world’s most advanced water purification plants. The systems work on waterline pressure and have a built-in controller for automatic backwash and forward flush cleaning cycles. The LineGuard UF-100 has two ultrafiltration (UF) modules, with billions of microscopic pores small enough to retain all microorganism, sediment and turbidity, but large enough to allow vital minerals through.

LineGuard modules are tested on microorganism retention by independent testing laboratories and can meet every relevant standard in the water industry. Lineguard products and components are subjected to strict quality control procedures. Each product is individually checked for its effectiveness.


The LineGuard UF-100 has a capacity of 3.6 m3/hour. The capacity can be increased by fi tting two or more systems in parallel. The LineGuard can be deployed as a compact water treatment system or as a gatekeeper Legionella prevention system.

Applications include:
  • Whole house water treatment to improve tap water quality for drinking and food preparation
  • Well water treatment in remote areas
  • Healthcare centers where people are at particularly high risk of infection by waterborne pathogens
  • Hotels and restaurants to guarantee safe and first-class water for drinking and food preparation
  • Legionella prevention for shower rooms in public buildings
  • Virus, bacteria and cyst removal compliant with NSF P231
  • Controller for easy system status check
  • Works on water line pressure, no additional pump required
  • Low energy consumption
  • High flow rates, even on low water pressures
  • Low maintenance, due to automatic backwash and forward flush cleaning cycles
  • Highly efficient with minimal waste water discharge Performance
  • Basic capacity of 1 LineGuard system: 3,6 m3/h at 2 bar
  • Parallel connection of up to 5 systems possible
  • Long service life: up to 5.000 m3 of tap water per system
  • Regular service interval: once every year


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