Aqua Fidelo is a water filtration facility for individual houses, several accommodation units and for industrial purposes. Both town water and well water can be filtered. For the filtration of well water we recommend a water analysis first in order to optimise the installation (see water analysis below).

The installation is available as anything from one up to four container units. This means that Aqua Fidelo can be installed on the ground to the filtration capacity required.
Between 2 and 4 filtration levels are recommended depending on the water quality. Aqua Fidelo is available in 10“ or 20“ containers according to the amount of water to be filtered.

Water capacity per minute:

The water capacity of the sediment and carbon filter (10my) for the AA Fidelo 10 is about 20-25l/min and for AA Fidelo 20 about 40-50 l/min, depending on water pressure. For installations with iron filter cartridges, AF-4 and AF-5, the water flows through the bottleneck of the iron filter cartridge. The 20“ iron filter cartridges have a water capacity of about 18l/min.

We recommend the installation of two parallel iron filter cartridges and containers in order to achieve the water flow of the pre-filters. The 20“ iron filtration unit (container with filtration cartridge and accessories) can be ordered using the order number AF-E-20. The 10“ unit can be ordered under the order number AF-E-10.

Safety information:

Only suitable for use with cold water. Must be installed by a sanitation or heating expert!

For reasons of safety, we recommend a water drain near the filter installation. Can only be installed with a pressure regulator set to a maximum of 4,5 bar and a back-flow inhibitor.

Water analysis

Prime Inventions is suggesting to make a water analysis before buying the products.

Container: household water filter container to be installed in the central water supply upon entry to the house after the water meter. Filter container and filter head with air valve are all made of food-safe, high-strength plastic.

Weights and dimensions: 20“ container AA Fidelo

Total height: about 615 mm to the upper edge of the air valve

Diameter of casing top: 185 mm not including connecting nipple, about 225 mm including connecting nipples

Weight not including filter cartridge: about 3.4 kg

Nr. Filtering Scope of delivery
AF1-20 W prefiltration only casing and sediment filter, 20“
AF1-20C W without prefiltration casing and carbon filter 10my , 20“
AF2-20 W pre and post filtration casing, sediment and carbon filter 20“, 10my
AF3-20 W pre and post filtration and protection against lime scale casing, sediment and carbon filter 5my and lime scale protection cartridge 20“, Kalko Innova
AF4-20 W pre and post filtration, and iron filtration casing, sediment and carbon filter 5my and iron filter cartridge 20“, Kalko Innova
AD-5-20 W pre and post filtration, iron filtration and protection against lime scale casing, sediment and carbon filter 5my, de-ironing cartridge and lime scale protection cartridge Kalko Innova 20“

The following comes as standard with each container:
Wall bracket in white color with 4 stainless steel casing screws, 2 casing nipples 1“, plastic A casing key and 2 1“ shut-off valves are also provided with every complete filter installation.


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