Kalko Innova Classic-Line

Chemical free anti-lime scale

AquaKalko Classic-Line products are made for the main water supply from 8 l/min. to 48 l/min water flow. The big advantage are the easy changeable catalyst granulate cartridges which should be changed after approx. 3-5 years.

The AquaKalko product line for professional use of higher water volume up to 18qm per hour is available on request. Please specify water quality and volume to receive an offer

Shortcode KI-8 KI-24W KI -48W
Art. No. 88830067 88816160 88816177
EAN number 4250188830067 4250188816160 4250188816177
Dimension 10“ 10“ 20“
Packaging unit 1 piece 1 piece 1 piece
Performance 8 l/min 24 l/min 48 l/min
Residential units 1 Room 1 apartment 2 apartments
Connection 3/8“ 1“ 1“


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