SC-99 Sediment Filter

Reduction from bacteria and sediments

SC-99 is a special textile pre-filter, eg to remove strong particle-laden or polluted (turbidity) input water. It is made with an anti-bacterial protection. Due to the special winding, the protection is distributed over a very large area. Upon contact of bacteria with the protective surface the majority of bacteria cannot reproduce. Water having a high content of sediments affect the optical in beverages and at worst can have a damaging effect on your system components.

Service life:
The filter cartridge must be replaced after 6 months (in accordance with DIN 1988). As a basic rule, 10,000 litres of water can be filtered within a sixmonth period. Earlier replacement can however be necessary when the water flow becomes noticeably reduced. Earlier replacement is not the result of any deficiency in the filter used, but rather a sign of the increased presence of fine partic les in unfiltered water. The water flow of a new cartridge is up to 20 liters / min depending on water pressure and filter housing. Protect from frost.

Art. No. 88818799
Shortcode SC-99
Weight 450g net
Height 248 mm
Diameter 73 mm
Flow rate approx. 20 l/min (pressure depend)
Performance approx. 10.000l
Packaging unit 12 pieces
Box 285 x 80 x 80 mm
Box PU 12 pieces 400 x 300 x 150 mm
Weight PU 12 pieces approx. 6kg incl. Box
Customs number 84219900
EAN number 4250188818799
Changing interval 6 months
Manufactured in Germany
Filter fineness > 1 µm
Bacteria retention yes
Manufactured for 9 3/4“ Filter housing
Main location Kitchen
Min. working pressure approx. 1 bar, ideal 3-4 bar
Restriction for use! Use only cold water - Not behind unpressurized boilers!


Prime Inventions GmbH
Berliner Str. 294
33334 Gütersloh
Fon: +49 (0) 5207 510 96 - 0

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