Inline mineralisation cartridge with original Okinava calcium. EM Calci Inline is an optional mineralisation step which gives the filtered water a small amount of minerals. The installation should be in the AA Inline System before the prefilter. It can also be used on RO Systems (AA Calci Inline Main stage) either between the tank and the tap or directly after the reverse osmosis membrane. As the water flows very slowly over the coral calcium directly after the reverse osmosis membrane, this installation produces a greater level of mineralisation than installing the device between the tank and the tap.

Service life:

The filter cartridge must be replaced after 12 months As a basic rule, 12,000 litres of water can over in a one year period. The water flow of a new cartridge is up to 10 liters / min depending on water pressure and filter housing. It should be installed as first stage before sediment filter and main filter cartridge in AA Inline system. Protect from frost.


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