The EK-7 inline anti lime scale cartridge is used as additional stage before the prefilter or main filter stage. The ion exchange resin inside the cartridge is reducing the lime scale when the water flows over. The EK-7 is improving the taste of hot and cold drinks which will be prepared with the over flown water (specially coffee and tea) and is protecting your coffee machine, kettle etc. for to much lime scale. The water flow should not be higher than 2 l/min. in order to to have an appreciable effect of lime scale reduction. As lower the water flow so higher the lime scale reduction.

Service life:

The capacity of the cartridge is up to the hardness grade of the incoming water. The max. capacity can be 1.900 l (hardness 5-10dh, German hardness) or 450 l (hardness 11-25dh, German hardness). The cartridge should be changed if the typically change of the taste of the water or chalk is seen when dried. A cartridge change after 6 month is recommended because of hygienic reasons


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