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Inline Filter-Cartridges

In this category you will find suitable filter cartridges for your Aqua Avanti Inline system.

Extremely simple filter change

Filter change: Close the water supply valve, unscrew the old filter cartridge clockwise and pull it down. Insert the new filter cartridge from below and screw it in counterclockwise until it stops. Re-open the water supply.

When should it be replaced?

The filter cartridges have to be replaced regularly. Precise information about the replacement intervals can be found in the relevant item table.
However, an earlier replacement may be necessary if the water flow is noticeably reduced. This is generally an indication of the increased occurrence of fine particles in the unfiltered water.



Inline filter-cartridges


Inline-Model Shortcode Filter fineness Flow rate Type Features
EM Premium 5 FP-1 0,45 μm

approx. 2 l/m Carbon with EM Water enlivenment with EM ceramics
EM IFP Premium 5 FP-2 0,45 μm approx. 3 l/m Carbon with EM ideal at low water pressure - Water enlivenment with EM ceramics
SC-99 FP-3 1 μm) approx. 10 l/m Sedimentfilter Prefilter with bacteria protection
EM Calci FP-4 - approx. 4 l/min Calcium granulate for mineralization after reverse osmosis
Entkalkung EK-7 FP-5 - approx. 2 l/m Ion exchanger for water softening
FP-7 viruses filtering FP-7 - approx. 4 l/m Disruptor® viruses and bacteria filtering

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