Cartridges House Water Filtration

Aqua Fidelo is a water filtration facility for individual houses, several accommodation units and for industrial purposes. Both town water and well water can be filtered. For the filtration of well water we recommend a water analysis first in order to optimise the installation.

WF-B2 filter cartridge carbon

WF-B2 filter cartridge FC-BB 10“ Carbon 10my- Standard carbon cartridge in AquaFidelo 10/X

SF-B Sediment cartridge

Sediment cartridges made of polypropylene.

Radial flow iron reduction cartridges

Pentek™ radial flow iron reduction cartridges RFFE 20 / RFFE 10

Pentek carbon-briquette cartridges 5my

Pentek™ carbon-briquette cartridges EP 20BB / EP 10BB

Pentek carbon-briquette cartridges

PentekTM carbon-briquette cartridges CBC 10, CBC 20 Fine filtration for well water

Pentek DGD 2 steps sedimentfilter

Pentek™ DGD 2 steps sedimentfilter in 10“ and 20“ for household and well water filtration

SC-99 Sediment Filter

Sediment cartridges made of polypropylene.

IF- Iron filter cartridge BB

Standard iron filter cartridge AquaFidelo 20/X


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